Spectacular Slovakia

Spectacular Slovakia

Your podcast guide to adventure in Slovakia.

Podcast Spectacular Slovakia je vložený na túto stránku z otvoreného informačného zdroja RSS. Všetky informácie, texty, predmety ochrany a ďalšie metadáta z informačného zdroja RSS sú majetkom autora podcastu a nie sú vlastníctvom prevádzkovateľa Podmaz, ktorý ani nevytvára ani nezodpovedá za ich obsah podcastov. Ak máš za to, že podcast porušuje práva iných osôb alebo pravidlá Podmaz, môžeš nahlásiť obsah. Ak je toto tvoj podcast a chceš získať kontrolu nad týmto profilom klikni sem.

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Benka is Slovakia's national treasure but also its most faked artist

Peter and Anna talk about Martin Benka, a Slovak painter, in this week's Spectacular Slovakia. Join them on their quest to learn more about his life, paintings, and why he is important to the country's history. They will also tell you where to go to see his artwork and why he loved Amsterdam.

Traditional stories from Hont you have never heard of

This week, Spectacular Slovakia spotlights the art of storytelling, a verbal craft typical for Slovak regions like the Hont Region. You can listen to two stories popular in the area: ‘The Bull on the Tower‘ and ‘How a Gypsy Prayed’. Aside from storytelling, you will also learn where the Hont Region,...

Have you ever wondered if Slovakia and Wales resemble one another?

Cardiffian Mike Valek, based in the Slovak town of Piešťany, compares and contrasts Slovakia and Wales on this episode of Spectacular Slovakia. He even mentions Owain Glyndŵr! Wait, who? Photo: Pixabay Snippets: Gwyneth Angharad (YouTube), Dinogad's Smock (YouTube) Presenter: Peter Dlhopolec

Gemer Region: Slovakia's poorest region hides world-class beauties

American Hannah Falchuk taught English at a grammar school in Revúca, one of the Gemer Region centres. Listen to the latest episode to find out where to head out for a trip in the region and why to fall in love with this corner of Slovakia, despite some drawbacks. Photo: Slavošovce Tunnel by TASR...

MENTAL HEALTH: How to handle a new life in a new country

Expat Talley Sjoberg Varney has lived in five different countries and travelled quite a lot as a child with her parents, too. Working as a school counsellor in Slovakia, T. S. Varney talks about mental health and how to cope with culture shock. Listen to “shoulds” and “should nots” when it comes to...

Why the SNP was so important that Slovaks made it a national holiday

This week, we’ll dive into the history of Slovakia as we discuss the 1944 Slovak National Uprising (SNP). He might not be Slovak, but James Thomson is a history devotee and knows enough to introduce us to this period of Slovak history. We’ll also tell you where to visit to discover more about the up...

Bratislava: Yoga, meditation & aromatherapy

American Talley Sjoberg Varney, who lives in Slovakia, has been a practitioner in aromatherapy for about 10 years. How can aromatherapy help us? Talley also talks about yoga, meditation, and their benefits. Namaste! Presenter: Anna Fay Picture: Pixabay

Rail travel in Slovakia: From a national disgrace to scenic journeys

May I have your attention, please? We are sorry that your journey will take longer than planned. In the interest of safety and comfort, we are going to prepare you for your trip around Slovakia prior to your train departure. Listen to the podcast before your phone dies as there may not be a plug on...

A Slovak town Gulf tourists fell in love with

Piešťany, one of several spa towns in Slovakia, is unique in several aspects. Mike Valek from Cardiff has lived there for four years. He joins Peter Dlhopolec to disclose what life in Piešťany is all about.

Too lazy to cook? Opt for lunch at a cheap-as-chips jedáleň

Jedáleň is a Slovak self-service canteen that was popularised under socialism. Years after the revolution, it was rediscovered as a hotspot for affordable, hearty meals. What kind of vibe does a jedáleň exude? What meals can you get there? And why do you need to come in before midday? Listen...

Re-enact Mark Twain's most famous story in Slovakia

“It’s lovely to live on a raft. We had the sky, up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them,” reads the 1885 book by American novelist Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. A young boy, Huck, and a black slave, Jim, spend most of the novel on a...

Vilnius vs Bratislava: Citizens of which capital are louder on public transport?

Press play and discover out more about Bratislava, and most importantly, about Vilnius. Which capital is going to win the battle? Lithuanian student Ugnė Mažonaitė and American Anna Fay, who have experienced both of the capitals, talk about what these cities have in common and where they differ....

Your Ultimate Guide to Pohoda Festival. Get Ready

Slovakia's biggest music festival, POHODA, is drawing near. Have you wondered why the festival starts on Thursday? How many types of toilets there are on site? Is the festival green? And how can #spolunapohodu help you get to the festival? Its international PR manager Suzanne Verschueren from Belgiu...

It's time to learn what Scandinavia and Slovakia have in common

As the reformation movement expanded across Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Catholic Habsburg empire, which included Slovakia, began to oppress Protestants. Although reluctantly, Emperor Leopold I eventually allowed them to build their churches under strict conditions scribbled in Article...

Volunteering in Slovakia starts with a smile

Many people like to give back to their community, but few are as dedicated as American Jennifer Sturgeon, a full-time volunteer who has lived in Bratislava for two years now. Whether it’s organising a charity Christmas bazaar or smiling at strangers on the street, Jennifer does what she can to make...

Traverse gorges and ravines in Slovenský raj

With cliffs towering above and water raging below, a visit to Slovenský raj (Slovak Paradise) is not for the faint-hearted (or clumsy). But Briton Jacqui Fay, who worked as a diplomat in Bratislava for three years, insists it is well-worth a visit. This national park in eastern Slovakia, famous for...

Leaky roofs and broomball: Life as an expat was never dull

Briton Jacqui Fay worked as diplomat in Bratislava from 1995-1998 and has returned several times since to visit her daughter, Anna. Jacqui has many fond memories of life in Slovakia, including pancake races in Hviezdoslavovo námestie and broomball, a strange take on hockey involving witches brooms a...

The more underskirts the better

How to put on a Slovak folk costume? Naomi Huzovicova has learned when her daughters joined the local folklore group in her town, and even a few years into their hobby she learns something new every year. “The attitude towards folklore has changed a lot in the 15 years I’ve been in Slovakia,” Naomi...

Berlin and Rome meet up in Trnava

Everyone in Slovakia knows why Trnava is called the Little Rome. Hence, it is time for Massimo Guglietta from New Jersey to hear the legend, as well. Massimo, who is currently living in Trnava, joins Peter to chat about why he has fallen in love with the city. Its spirit, people, local football club...

Bratislava on two wheels

Spring has sprung in the Slovak capital! Visitors can take advantage of Bratislava’s bike-sharing service, which invites tourists to try sightseeing on two wheels. How safe and enjoyable is it, though? James Thomson was cycling around Bratislava before it was cool and he can compare the situation n...

Welcome To Modra! The City of Ludovit Stur

Everyone in Slovakia should go to Modra at least once in their life, says American teacher, Grace, who has lived in Modra for seven months (and has been the only American there, apparently). The once royal town was the home of one of the most shining personalities of the history of Slovakia, Ludovit...

How to date a Slovak man

Dating a Slovak, or dating in Slovakia, sometimes has its peculiarities. Two Americans who live in Slovakia and date Slovaks talk about their own experiences in this week’s episode of the Spectacular Slovakia podcast. Do Slovak men talk a lot or should you be ready to do the talking? Are they hugger...
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