Spectacular Slovakia

Spectacular Slovakia

Your podcast guide to adventure in Slovakia.

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Skanzen is a place where time stops moving

Skanzen is not a Japanese means of transport,. It is a name for open-air museums in Slovakia that show what village life once looked like. Each region has its own. Naomi Hužovičová has visited a few of them and has some useful advice for tourists who are up for an excursion into the past. Good news...

Stay cool and visit a cave

The Slovak Karst might be off most tourists’ radar, unless they are speleology enthusiasts visiting Slovakia for the sole purpose of seeing its numerous caves. In the Gemer region, surrounding the town of Roznava, every town has a cave. James Thomson has seen some of them, and in this episode of our...

Where to take your dog in Bratislava

Travelling with your dog? Dave Rubin is a proud dog owner and knows all the best dog-friendly places in Bratislava. You should not be surprised if you see dogs in most shopping malls, restaurants, and cafes. If you want to give your dog a special treat, a dog cafe in Petrzalka might be the place for...

Time gets telescoped in eastern Slovakia

There’s actually quite a lot of Slovakia east of Presov and Kosice, says James Thomson, who has seen most of it on his travels around the country. In this week’s episode, we explore the far northeast, which includes the Poloniny national park and its primeval beech forests, the spa town of Bardejov...

It’s not Middle-earth, it is Spiš

Let’s go to Spiš, the home of most of the High Tatras that also offers a combination of valleys, rolling hills, and mediaeval towns. We took a look at the Spiš Castle, one of the largest if not the largest in central Europe, the towns of Spišská Nová Ves and Levoča, with some of the finest gothic ch...

When drinking with locals in Orava, don’t try to keep up

This week, we are back to Orava, this time with Dave Rubin, who recommends visiting the open-air museum in Zuberec. For Americans, it’s like visiting Williamstown, Virginia, but Zuberec is hundreds of years older, he says. The north of Slovakia is a place to go when you want to try the best of the c...

Hiking with little feet

Slovakia is a good place to hike with your kids. Naomi, a mother of four living in Slovakia, shares some inspirational tips for trips that little feet can manage. Some of the best places, including hikes with a destination (like a small organic farm) are a simple day trip from Bratislava. What’s the...

A morning hike in Slovakia, afternoon tea in Poland

“You really do feel like you have travelled back in time,” says Dave Rubin as he starts his brief intro to the northwest region of Kysuce. Here, visitors have the unique opportunity to walk to Poland, or the Czech Republic. It’s hilly and remote, and the wildlife is captivating. The stone spheres in...

Schnitzel is not the only thing we have in common

Before leaving Slovakia, his first posting as an ambassador, Austrian Ambassador Helfried Carl stopped by the podcast studio to share some of his impressions while living among Slovaks for 4 ½ years , along with some tips for trips. He suggests a trip to Komarno, for instance, which offers stories...

Compared to Prague, Bratislava is a well-kept secret

Paul and Lynette Doege are an American couple who visited Bratislava for the first time last September. They started their trip in Prague, and feel that both capitals are relatively similar, with their Old Town areas and riverside. Bratislava is easier to navigate for tourists, and it is not as crow...

It’s carnival, time to kill a pig

Wintertime is carnival time, and in Slovak villages, it’s also time to gather your family and prepare your cauldrons for zabijacka. Naomi Huzovicova explains what that means in this week’s episode of our Spectacular Slovakia podcast. Slovaks really do use the whole animal, and Naomi believes it is a...

Feel the weight of the world on your shoulders

When you descend into one of the mines of Banska Stiavnica, you literally feel the weight of the world on your shoulders, says Dave Rubin in another episode of our podcast. Yet Banska Stiavnica also offers many uplifting experiences. Exploring one of the “ten million hiking trails” winding through t...

In Devín, you can sip on history together with currant wine

James Thomson has lived in Bratislava long enough to almost consider himself a native Bratislavan. Today, he takes us to Devín Castle, one of the iconic places of the Slovak capital that tourists are not always aware of. Nowadays, it’s just a ruin, but it stands in a spot that holds significance fo...

A brief intro to travelling to eastern Slovakia

It’s time we head east, and if you have not been to Kosice yet, you are about to learn what you’ve been missing. James Thomson offers some valuable advice on how to make your stay in Košice, and your journey there, worthwhile. This week’s podcast is a brief introduction to travelling to eastern Slov...

At Christmas markets, you can drink bacon

Christmas markets opened last Friday, attracting both tourists and locals. Even though Christmas seems to come earlier every year, the markets are something to look forward to. “My main experience of Christmas markets in Slovakia is fat dripping onto my toes,” says James Thomson, who walks you throu...

What makes golf in Slovakia special?

This week’s podcast is special for golf enthusiasts. Don Stoll, a passionate golf player from the US, has played golf at some of Slovakia’s golf courses, most recently in Bojnice, and has a lot to say about them. Slovakia is a really interesting place: people go out to play by themselves, says Don....

Why does a city boy from Brooklyn love Slovakia’s castle ruins?

Dave Rubin was a Manhattan-based lawyer when he landed in Bratislava during his travels around the world. That was ten years ago. Dave has since founded a successful language school in downtown Bratislava and spends his free time exploring his new town and country. How does a city boy from Brooklyn...

Spectacular Slovakia #10: Hiking off the beaten track

Naomi Hužovičová was born in Canada’s Rocky Mountains so she loves the mountains - but not the crowds. In this episode of Spectacular Slovakia, she shares her tips for some hikes off the beaten track in the Slovak mountains. Naomi also talks about her favourite hill with an amazing 360-degree view t...

Spectacular Slovakia #8: Don’t skip the soup and prepare your sweet tooth

So far in our podcast, we have been telling you where to go in Slovakia. Now it’s time to give you a taste of the culinary melting pot that is Slovakia - at least as seen by blogger and keen cook, Naomi Huzovicova. Traditional Slovak cuisine does not begin and end with bryndzove halusky. What should...

Spectacular Slovakia #7: What's a spa cake?

There were 12 women and nobody said a word, Pat Alexy Stoll says about her favourite treatment in Trenčianske Teplice. She and her husband, Don Stoll, recently enjoyed the spa experience in this famed western-Slovak spa town. Ever heard of spa cakes? You should make sure to have some in between your...

Spectacular Slovakia #6: In Slovak spas, don’t worry when they call a doctor

If you’re in need of some autumn relaxation, a visit to one of Slovakia’s many spas might give you just what you’re looking for. American travellers Don Stoll and Pat Alexy Stoll returned from a two-week-long trip around the country and have a lot of Slovak spa experiences to share in our latest pod...
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